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The Secularization Theory

There is an expected evolution in America where as we “modernize” and advance in science, religious practice will lose its relevance and quietly disappear. It’s called the Secularization Theory and it has been advanced in various writings since 2003. It’s not a new societal pattern, but more a descriptive title for what happened in western Europe over the past century.

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Online Bible Resources

Are you able to use a digital copy of God’s Word?

International Bible Givers is assembling a list of free online Bible resources. IBG provides physical Bibles to couriers, who in turn distribute God’s Word around the world, but sometimes a physical Bible is not always necessary or practical.

We do not own or control any of these sites and as such, do not endorse these sites. We do however believe that the right online Bible resource can provide a lot of value and convenience.

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